Review: Docket 64 Tasting Menu

Taste their quirky cocktails, wines, gins and not forgetting cheese and charcuterie. Docket 64 belongs in Chester, we will 100% be returning for their Shropshire Cheeseboard and a glass of fizz.

We were invited to the first (of many) Tasting menu evenings at the brand-new Docket 64, the sister restaurant of Docket 33 in Whitchurch.


Previously where Ginger was located, Docket 64 is a cosy bar perfect for indulging in wine and cheese. With seasonal wreaths hanging on the wall and exposed brickwork in the back, this is a must visit for anyone looking for a unique experience.


We sampled the 7 Course Tasting menu paired with the alcohol flight, which was £90 per person and prepared by the Head Chef of Docket 33. We were greeted by Frances and shown to our seats readily awaiting our first-course “Snacks” and paired cocktail “Bunch”.


Chicken Taco with Avocado salsa, Crisp Bread with Garlic and Trout Mousse.
“Bunch” – One of Docket 64’s Signature cocktail, with fermented wine and frozen grapes.


The perfect sized snacks to whet your appetite arrived and started the evening off right, the avocado salsa was delicious, and the trout mousse was seasoned perfectly. The signature cocktail certainly gave a punch and the frozen grapes added a different element to the drink.

Whilst we had devoured the snacks, our lovely waitress brought over some Freedom Beer bread. The bread was freshly made and was divine, we will be returning JUST to eat bread and drink wine.


 Potato Salad – Crème Fraiche, Crispy Potato, Baked Potato and Baked Potato Jelly.
Freedom Beer Bread with butter.


Next up was the Potato Salad and it certainly hit the spot, however, it had a hidden secret, not on the menu – baked potato jelly. The creamy taste of the crème Fraiche paired with the crispy potato and soft jelly worked wonders.

Paired alongside this fresh dish was a dry white wine, it complimented the dish extremely well and brought out the strong flavours of the potato and balanced the palette. We spoke to the chef after the meal and asked regarding the jelly, with the consistency balancing the dish it was a must have on the plate.

Whilst we were awaiting the fish dish, we were served a red wine which was unusual for a fish course. Our waitress explained that due to the cumin in the upcoming Hake dish the spicy undertones and warmth of the red wine would complement the course.


Hake – Squash & Cumin Puree, Pickled Squash, Yoghurt and Pumpkin.
Veal – Herb Puree, Smoked Mushrooms and Pommes Anna.


Our fish course arrived, and we tucked in, each mouthful provided textures and flavours which worked extremely well together. From the pickled squash to the crispy fish skin, this is something we would love to be able to eat over and over again! The notes of cumin certainly complimented the red wine, we urge anyone who will be visiting Docket 64 to try this gorgeous red. (Felicette Grenache Rouge)

The course we have been eagerly awaiting all night was next and it certainly did not disappoint. A perfectly cooked piece of veal with a dehydrated and re-fried potato smoked mushrooms and a herb puree. Everything worked, and we would love to taste this again on the upcoming Tasting Evenings!

The drinks were flowing, and we were treated to something very special next, The Wonder Pear Ice Cider – a very sweet, cold and refreshing drink to lighten the palette after the first courses we had. We were very excited about the next course, as it involved some of the best cheese and biscuits we had ever tasted.


Burt’s Blue – Vanilla & Star Anise Quince and Richie’s Digestives.
Blackcurrant & Liquorice – Vanilla Custard.


We had never sampled Burt’s Blue before; however, it was some of the BEST blue cheese we have ever tasted. The quince added a light flavour to the strong cheese and the digestives were oaty and really elevated the creaminess of the cheese making it one of our favourite dishes of the evening.

With no alcohol paired with this dish or the next, we opted for another glass of the first white wine we sampled as it really helped refresh us ready for the penultimate course.


Peanut Brittle – Milk Chocolate, Malt, Plum Jam.
Whisky Sour – Lemon.


When reading the menu, peanut brittle really did catch our eye. Served with a dark chocolate cake, banana and white chocolate cubes and a light, fluffy peanut mousse this really was another highlight of the evening. Then the final dish arrived, a whiskey sour in jelly form. Not being a big fan of whiskey, the tangy lemon cut through the jelly and really complimented the entire food we had eaten and cleansed your palette ready for the final cocktail.

Our glamorous evening of finding out what Docket 64 has in store for Chester was coming to an end. We were served our final cocktail which was full of fig liqueur, rosemary and prosecco.


Equinox Fizz.


We urge everyone to book on to their next Tasting Course Evening as you will not be disappointed. Make sure to visit and support this local business. Taste their quirky cocktails, wines, gins and not forgetting cheese and charcuterie. Docket 64 belongs in Chester, we will 100% be returning for their Shropshire Cheeseboard and a glass of fizz.