Focusing on craft cocktails, small plates and fermentation.

Hypha; Chester’s first plant-based, sustainable restaurant.


Focusing on craft cocktails, small plates and fermentation. With 2 entrances; 1 on the walls and 1 in Rufus Court, the restaurant will seat around 35 people. The bar in Hypha will be an interactive space to drink and dine in Chester.

All ingredients used for bar & kitchen will be in the prime of the season meaning the menu will change as and when produce is used up and with the seasons. All the while using fermentation to minimise waste and enhance the depth of flavour.

Hypha will have traceability on all their ingredients; from the spirits behind the bar to the sustainable palm oil in the kitchen. They have launched a Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds to open the restaurant.

They are looking for £20k to bring this innovative project to life, in return for the donations, contributors will get exclusive pledges to hypha, nine elephants and special rewards for their help.

Soft launches will be in January, with Hypha officially opening in early 2019.


Find out more about their journey and pledge to their Kickstarter here.

About Hypha

Nicholas Friar: 15 years’ experience working in some of the best restaurants and bars in the North West. Barlounge-5 years. Suburbs-Owner. The Chef’s Table-General Manager. Nine Elephants – Consultant Operations Manager.

Calum Adams: Over 10 years’ experience in hospitality, working in Barlounge and then launching his own drinks consulting company working across the world from Hawaii to South Korea to the middle east. Has been vegan for over 3 years.

Ice Rattaphaet: Owner and General Manager: Japanese Food Chain – Shinzen, Bangkok. Owner and General Manager: Thai Restaurant – Nine Elephants Thai Drink & Dine, Chester.